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Getting a Hammond Public Library Card

The Hammond Public Library offer many different types of cards to provide patrons with access to our materials and resources. The following is a list of available cards, followed by requirements to obtain these cards:

RESIDENT - 2-years full access

OUTREACH SERVICES - 2-years full access

YOUTH RESIDENT - 2-years full access

RECIPROCAL - 2-years full access

STUDENT - expires August 31st after end of current school year, full access

CLASSROOM - expires August 31st after end of current school year, full access

COMPANY or BUSINESS - 2-years full access

PROPERTY OWNER - 2-years full access

PLAC - 1-year Expiration, full access

CASH CARD - 1-year, full access

PUBLIC COMPUTERS - 1-year, public computer use only

30-DAY - 30-days, public computers and digital resources only

Hammond residents age 14 and over can apply for a RESIDENT card (2-year expiration) with any of the following proof of identity and address items:


• Recent Lake County Property Tax Bill

• Indiana BMV Driver’s License

• Indiana BMV State ID

• Recent Bank or Credit Union Statement (Within 1 month)

• School Class Schedule or Report Card (Current semester) with Picture I.D. attached

• Mexican Consular ID with Official Stamp and Serial Number

• Current Rental Receipt Showing Hammond Address (Within 1 month)

• Current Utility Bill with Name of Applicant and Address (Within 1 month)

• Dated Mail from Federal/Local Governmental Agency (Within 1 month)


Resident patrons who are unable to visit the Library because of temporary or permanent disability, may request special selection and delivery service free of charge with an OUTREACH SERVICES card (2-year expiration). Please contact Outreach Services at ext. 339 for more information.


Children who reside in Hammond under the age of 14 need a parent or legal guardian present to sign and provide any of the items above at time of application (2-year expiration) for a YOUTH RESIDENT card.


Borrowers from local library districts- East Chicago, Crown Point, Gary, Lake County (this includes Highland, Munster, Griffith, and all other cites included in the Lake County system of coverage), Lowell, and Whiting may obtain HPL RECIPROCAL Cards (2-year expiration) at no charge.  A home library card is required as well as personal identification from the above list.


Students of ANY school located in Hammond (charter, private, university) are eligible for a STUDENT card. Bring one piece of ID listed above for your address AND proof of current enrollment at the Hammond based school. Student cards expire August 31 following the end of the current school year, to coincide with the beginning of the next school year, despite application date. Student cards can be issued at any time during the school year.


School teachers from School City of Hammond, charter, private and parochial schools, colleges and universities, preschools, day care centers, licensed home day care sites, and community after school programs within the boundaries of Hammond may apply for a CLASSROOM card.  Confirmation of employment is needed, as well as personal identification. Classroom cards expire August 31 following the end of the current school year, to coincide with the beginning of the next school year, despite application date. Classroom cards can be issued at any time during the school year.


COMPANY or BUSINESS cards (2-year expiration) can be issued to any business located in Hammond upon presentation of proof of ownership (stationery, bank statement).  A signature of the owner or designated manager is required. The responsibility for fines, fees, damaged or lost material that is incurred will be placed on the company or business to whom the card is issued.


PROPERTY OWNER cards (2-year expiration) can be issued to individuals who own property within Hammond. Personal identification and proof of ownership of Hammond property are required at time of application.


PLAC (Public Library Access Card) borrowers whose home libraries are not included in the local area or statewide reciprocal agreements may check out material in any library in Indiana. They are given a Hammond Library card effective until the expiration date of the PLAC presented. PLAC can be purchased at any library. Prices and expirations are subject to change, please contact Circulation Services for current price.


Out of State residents can purchase a CASH CARD (1-year expiration).  There is a fee of $50.00 per year, per individual.  There is no refund given if the cardholder moves to Hammond or elsewhere.  Use of the card is not transferable. Proof of identification is same as listed above contingent upon state of residence.


Patron who do not qualify for a library card but wish to use the public computers frequently, can purchase a PUBLIC COMPUTERS card (1-year expiration).  The fee is $25.00 per year per individual, and use of the card is not transferable.  Checkout of physical library material is not included.


30-DAY cards can be issued to individuals who have recently moved to Hammond and have not yet updated their identification, to temporary Hammond visitors, or individuals who otherwise cannot provide a current address. 30-Day cards provide users with access to public computers and all online content. Checkout if physical library materials is not included. 30-Day cards expire 30 days after application and cannot be renewed. If an individual obtains Hammond identification as listed above, the 30-Day card can be converted to a Resident Card.



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